Joey Welsh illustration


New Beginnings

Hi friends. Thanks for your patience over this year. I apologize for my website being down for the the better part of 2017, but my personal life took some hits at the beginning of the year that forced me to take a step back from the business this year. Mostly my priorities had gotten out of whack, so I needed time to reprioritize my life, by putting God back in the first slot, then my family and then my business.  

In addition to that, I was not content with the fees I was being charged from my web provider, which forced me to shut down the ecommerce store. So right now, I am just trying to get a basic website up and running. Then I will contemplate what comes next. All I can say is I deeply appreciate the support of all my wonderful customers both in the past and today. I wouldn't be here without that support. Thank you.